Photograph Tips When Traveling


Traveling necessarily require documentation, of course, we want to document what is interesting with the best quality we can do, here are simple tips so you do not miss a moment of the most beautiful scenery of the eye and your camera. mirrorless cameras such that tends to compact but the image quality remains excellent, [...]

Enjoy Water Tour Like in Venice at Kali Pepe Solo


In the month of February, there were interesting in the city of Solo, in celebrating the Lunar New Year 2566, in Solo opened a new tourist rides the water attractions at Kali Pepe, the route is between Sudiroprajan area to the rear area of the Mangkunegaran, this tour is open from 5 bebruari 2015 yesterday [...]

Travelers Mistakes When Visits Indonesia

keraton kasunanan surakarta

1. Relying on credit cards Although possible in your country, the credit card is the most functional medium for legal tender, in Indonesia it is not so, the penetration of credit card users in the country is not high compared to the use of debit cards, so prepare always rupiah from the smallest fraction (£ [...]

Bring Travelers to Indonesia

indonesia ramah

Finally I wrote back in TravelBuck.Net, forgive me that had melalaikannya nearly half a year, because we would not have to always be optimistic about the tourism potential of Indonesia? yes we do not need to think too much, but in a relaxed way we can share stories about what we could possibly do to [...]

The First Cinema XXI in Indonesia Will be Closed

xxi ex

Perhaps no one knows, where the first XXI cinema open, brand XXI Cineplex 21 is the evolution of a brand that has specialized play the majority of Hollywood movies, the first opening in Plaza Indonesia Entertainment X’nter or better known as EX Plaza, cinema was named Studio XXI EX, this studio is the flagship for [...]

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