ॐ Galaktic Goa Traveller’s Answer by Goalogique ॐ 26 12 2012 11 54

Aliens came to earth a long time ago. At first they loved doing the earth (eating fruit) and then they enjoy it.
Because they searched viable places in the universe and then they find it here, life on earth is good enough. :))

And they lived on earth for a long time and they forget their own power. :)) And I understand that there are no better places than the earth, because here is water and earth, trees, birds, animals, fruits … Everything is ready to live.

And now we are going to lose our earth for the acquisition of advanced technology. We only need technology for clean to the earth, from the last 100 years of people waste (nuclear shit). .

Because if we cut more trees, breed more animals, build more buildings, product more nuc. shit, and if it's not fun …
There are no better places than the earth in The Universe.

Our mission is not to make a huge garbage planet and leave. So we have to protect it!

We are so lucky that we have this life and we have to show our love to the earth. :)) Because it loves us and it all shares with us ………..

———— 18/11/2016 probably, very soon this note will be removed or changed, on this super musical jury. 😉 ————-

10h. Old and new school Goa Trance. :))
Mixed in Brussels with cd & # 39; s 26/12/12

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