Breaking News – Irish Traveller brothers are on the brink of model stardom

There was a time when they had found fish or rabbits before making a pose for the camera – but now Traveler Paddy, 16 and 15-year-old Liam are a regular part of the fashion scene. The brothers Doran, who lived in a town hall with their parents in Kildare, outside of Dublin, came at nine and ten eyes to the award-winning British photographer Perry Ogden – the beginning of a flourishing creativity partnership that made him the subject of his new book. has seen it. And since its discovery, the redheads – both enthusiastic boxers – have been booked by some of the world's largest fashion brands – from Burberry and Fred Perry to H & M. They have caused such sensations in the fashion world, the teenagers are also hand-picked by David Beckham to participate in the campaign for his collaboration with British fashion brand Kent & Curwen. The new book by Perry, & # 39; Paddy & Liam & # 39 ;, focuses on the guys & # 39; lives as part of the Traveler community, and captures them in a series of fascinating images against the backdrop of the wild Irish landscape. The photographer, whose work has appeared in the Italian Vogue, and who has shot advertising campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Chloe and Calvin Klein, described the brothers as & # 39; vol & # 39; The brothers, who live in Celbridge, Co. Kildare, accompanied Perry during an appearance at The Late Late Show in Ireland to talk about their flourishing model careers. "We've been photographed since [we were younger] and now it's just normal for us, for Perry to call us and say" do you want to do a shoot ", & # 39; explained Liam. And Paddy said about his plans for the future: & # 39; I would like to do [modelling] full-time. "People who take photos & # 39; s and get well, it is not bad like! & # 39; he joked while the audience laughed. Perry, who moved to Ireland in 1985, said that he was always interested in traveler culture: "It is the feeling of being an outsider, and in a sense I was a bit of an outsider. "The photographer, who personally recommended the boys to Beckham for his fashion campaign, met them for the first time through their parents, Tommy and Mary. He explained to the Irish chattow that the family had lived on the edge of a junction two decades ago when a terrible accident divided their extended family and they wanted to leave. Perry & # 39; s then partner Marina Guinness, with whom he shares a daughter, lived on the road and became friendly with the couple. With a huge amount of land at the back of her property, she offered Tommy and Mary a place to lay their caravan and they picked up their children in the backyard, which means that Guinness and Perry saw the boys grow up. When they were about nine or ten, I was asked to tell a story about something I wanted in Ireland and I thought it would be great to photograph Liam and Paddy. & # 39; I thought it was an interesting story and their parents wanted to be accommodated. They had trouble housing themselves, and Paddy and Liam were the first generation of their family
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