Camera Bag Shorts // What’s In My Travel Camera Bag 2018

Bagagers // What & # 39; s In My Travel Camera Bag 2018. In this video I show some of the equipment that I use most while traveling and making my travel and adventure videos. The camera bag that I use now is not expensive. I got it at Best Buy around Christmas for $ 79.99 Canadian, it is made by the Insignia brand from Best Buy. So far, I love this camera bag and it fits everything I need. It is comfortable and is well made.

How are you, everybody? My name is Rowan Elsmore and you are viewing Average Row. And for those of you who are new to my channel, I'll make videos about videos about travel, adventure movies and video cameras such as these. And back for my last adventure, which was a cruise through the Caribbean, I upgraded my camera bag. And it's been a while since I made a video camera with camera bags, so here we go.

If you want more information about the equipment in this video, please leave a comment and I will respond.

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