Campkin’s Presents 2016 Tracer 230FBS by Prime Time – Excutive Model, Couples Trailer

Are you looking for a mobile home for couples? This is perhaps exactly what you are looking for. The new 2016 Tracer 230FBS from Prime Time has made some changes to models from 2016 … as soon as you enter, you will notice the ceiling height. Tracer has raised the ceiling to give it a more open feel. There is another new feature in the kitchen: solid worktops at the bottom with a sink underneath. large skylight in the kitchen and large windows to let in a lot of natural light. Bedroom has a queen size bed with storage space on the top and mirror cabinets on both sides. On the outside there is an outdoor kitchen, a rack for a BBQ, a ladder at the back for easy access to the roof, a large awning, almost the size of the entire coach and a beautiful glass fiber front cover. Come today to the 2016 Tracer 230FBS trailer. Call us at 1-888-743-9378 or e-mail us at

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