Full Time Traveling Family of 6 | American Travellers Take on the Giants of North Ireland!

We have a super late start, but finally we reached the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. It was a dark and gray day, but you can not stop that in the UK! Geology is simply fascinating and the ocean waves were great. I could stare at the ocean all day. We really liked the visitor center and the audio guides at this place, we do not always choose to do them because we are BUDGET travelers! I hope you enjoy watching and please save that notifications to know when we will post again! Thank you very much for watching !! Love you, Tam xx

*** VISIT the Giant & # 39; s Causeway! ***

Hey, by the way! So … we are world champions. Do not know what that means? It means different things for different people, but generally and in general it means that we teach our children how they live in life through experiences while traveling. Our motto is "We travel, we learn, we love, we serve". And we're trying to do just that as we move around this beautiful planet to see new things, make new friends, try to get it a bit better than we found it and experience other cultures firsthand. It is a great journey, this life, but of course it also has its drawbacks. This is still our "real life" with children quarreling, tears, pain, falls and the like. We always try to reboot our attitude & # 39; reboot & # 39; and get back on track with a more satisfied attitude. It is a choice!

We are the Wallace family.
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