Guernsey In The Channel Islands – Sun, Sea And German Bunkers

Our first visit to Guernsey on the Channel Islands. Touring the island in the sun and exploring the rich history especially the remains of the recent German occupation during the Second World War.

We stayed at Les Rocquettes Hotel, St. Peter Port for 2 nights.

The first full day we visited Fort Gray at Rocquaine Bay on the west coast of Guernsey. It is a Martello tower, "cup and saucer design" built at the beginning of the 19th century.

In the afternoon, Andrew Walker from & # 39; Festung Guernsey & # 39; take us on a tour of some of the German fortifications of Guernsey, including the remains of the large site of Batterie Mirus. This was the largest cannon on the Channel Islands and could fire a shell of 250 kg at 38 km.

On the last day we went to St Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey and visited the 800 year old Cornet castle overlooking the harbor. The castle itself contains five museums and four historic gardens.

0:33 Les Rocquettes Hotel, St. Peter Port

1:37 Fort Gray and Shipwreck Museum

3:17 Ian Le Moigne, Condor Ferries shows a book that dates from the occupation

4:36 Batterie Scharnhorst with Andrew Walker from Festung Guernsey

6:26 Batterie Mirus

6:56 German staff, Fort Hommet

8:20 Castle Cornet, St. Peter Port

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"Visit Guernsey In The Channel Islands – Sun, Sea And German Bunkers" – Filmed May 2018


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