Hawaii volcano eruption: Latest travel advice following 30,000 foot ash cloud

Hawaii continues to suffer the impending eruption of Kilauea volcano. For two weeks the plume ash has sent 30,000 feet into the air, with the latest reports stating that rocks of more than two meters are thrown through the air. warned now to take shelter and thousands of people have fled their homes as a result of the dangerous escalation. Many more could be forced to flee while the eruptions continue, as well as earthquakes. What is the latest travel advice after the volcanic eruption in Hawaii? has warned that the warrant for shelter is in order and that evacuations must take place in the area. The Hawaii Civil Defense Agency said: "This is a Civil Defense message for May 17 at 5 am Hawaii Volcano Observatory reports that an explosive eruption has occurred at Kilauea's summit." The resulting ash plume will cover the surrounding area cover. The wind will carry the plume to the southeast. "You have to hide in place when you're sitting in the pa The driving conditions can be dangerous, so if you are driving, you have to drive off the road and wait until visibility improves. "Earthquakes have also been reported in the area thanks to the eruption of the volcano, with a reporter shaking the ground live in the air. : Breathtaking photo's of the ash clouds of Kilauea Wed, May 16, 2018 View slideshow Images 1 of 13 A man drives a golf cart on a golf course while an ash plume rises in the distance of the volcano Kilauea on the big island of Hawaii The ash can be toxic to humans, which has led to a red alert status by Hawaiian Civil Defense. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated their travel advice for British tourists in the area. They warn: "There has been a volcanic eruption on the Big Island in Hawaii and local residents have been evacuated." British citizens in the area must follow local media reports and follow the advice of local authorities, including any evacuation orders. "Up to now 10.0 00 residents had moved, but more could be fired to flee to the south-east of Kilauea, which is more than 100 kilometers away from the Kona and Kohala coast resorts, on a remote part of the island of Hawaii. on the eastern edge Shaking images have shown the plume of clouds and gorges on the island, through which hot molten lava flowed through, many people have also made pictures and selfies of the chaos. eruptions and the strongest earthquake is currently measuring 4.4 in size

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