The Ogoh-ogoh Parade, Nyepi celebrations in Semarang

By Travelbuck • Pebruari 28th, 2011

ogoh ogohWelcoming Nyepi Saka year 1933/2011 AD, Hindus in the city of Semarang to celebrate with parade of Ogoh-ogoh and carnival culture. This celebration is not only displays typical of Balinese arts. A variety of traditional arts groups also took part in the parade which had start in Semarang City Hall Building, Jl Pemuda Semarang on Sunday (27 / 2), since at 14.00 pm.

The parade shows the various traditions that represent all ethnic groups in Indonesia, especially in Semarang. Among them, Jatilan arts, lion dance, drum music, dance dayak, warak ngedok, drum band of ethnic Chinese residents, and many attractions of the members of the Police and TNI.

A variety of art is being paraded from City Hall page at Jalan Pemuda Semarang, past Pandanaran Road, and ends at the Field of Pancasila or Simpanglima. In the Field Simpanglima, Ogoh-ogoh performances continued with a variety of art attractions including dance performances Unity in Diversity.

Mayor of Semarang, Soemarmo HS, shortly before release, said the parade, a parade of Ogoh-ogoh was the second time held in Semarang. Previously, a similar march was held in the year 2009. Because of conflict with the holding of Pilwakot Semarang, in 2010 a parade of Ogoh-ogoh had not held.

Acculturation Culture

Sumarmo explained that this celebration is a symbol of cultural acculturation. Therefore, this carnival can be regarded as the contribution of Hindus in Semarang to realize the objectives of peace from a variety of differences. “In the spirit of Hari Raya Nyepi this year, we build self-reliance towards the realization of Semarang equivalent in various aspects of life, according to the theme of the implementation of Nyepi celebrations in Semarang this year,” said Soemarmo.

Meanwhile, Parade Committee ogoh-ogoh Semarang, Andi Mulyono explained, the committee brought three ogoh-ogoh from the Ogoh-Ogoh Bali Celuluk, Butho, and Pang (bald). Ogoh-ogoh illustrated by the figure of this giant is a symbol of anger. Therefore, after being paraded, some ogoh-ogoh will be burned.

Earlier on Sunday (27 / 2) morning people undergo Melasti procession of taking holy water from the sea at Marina Beach Semarang. Posesi Melasti Beach Marina is also followed by the Hindus from outside the city like Salatiga, Kendal, Grobogan, Jepara, Kudus and Pati.

On Nyepi Day fell on Saturday, March 5, 2011, all Hindus do the contemplation and yoga-samadhi in their homes from 06.00 pm to Sunday at 06.00 pm. The peak activity is Dharma Shanti event which will be held March 13, 2011 in Building Gradhika Bhakti Praja Roads Heroes.

(Diantika PW / CN27 / JBSM)
from Suara Merdeka translated by TravelBuck.Net

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