Coffee Tour in Coffee Kampoeng Banaran, Semarang

By Travelbuck • Maret 27th, 2012

If you want to Semarang don’t forget to stop by the Coffee Kampoeng Banaran. Coffee plantations surround the tourist train and enjoy all kinds of coffee blends ala Banaran Cafe should not be overlooked. Location in the mountains make the air here is very cool.

Kampoeng Banaran Coffee Plantation is an agro-owned PT Nusantara. This site is located on the edge of Jln. Semarang-Solo highway, approximately 1 km away from Terminal Bawen. Location in the mountains make coffee Kampoeng Banaran have air temperature is cool and comfortable. The atmosphere is perfect to unwind or simply refresh the mind.

Supported by the location is very convenient, it has a wide range of agro-tourism facilities, such as children’s arena, tennis courts, swimming pool, coffee walk, arena out bound, fruit gardens, flower gardens, gazebo, gardens cruise, rail tours, and ATV. One of the rides are among the favorites here are the train tour. You can surround a coffee farm with tourist train ride while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Along the way you’ll be treated to views of Rawa Dizziness, and Mount Telomoyo. When the weather is sunny you can also see Mount Merbabu. Wow!

Tired after around the garden? You can also fill the stomach, drink, and rest in Banaran Cafe. Of course the flagship menu is coffee. You can choose a variety of coffee blends, ranging from Robusta, Cappucino, Espresso, and other delicious coffee blends.To capture the attention Banaran Cafe always serves coffees blends very beautiful.Form interesting patterns that decorate the surface of the coffee. If you have this it’s too bad to drink coffee concoction Banaran Cafe. However, what can we do that through the nose smell the coffee makes the audience can not afford to not drink it. In addition to coffee, there are also snacks like to know Bandungan and other typical food unappetizing.

Coffee Kampoeng Banaran also provide lodging that can be used for rest and overnight. The location of the inn is located on a hilltop to be more value in a charming natural landscape. So, invite family or friends to experience the thrill on the tour agro Kampoeng Banaran Coffee!

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