Las Vegas: Latest foreign office travel advice after Mandalay Bay shooting

Las Vegas: latest advice for foreign travel agencies after shooting in the bay of Mandalay

LAS VEGAS was thrown into chaos after an archer opened fire on an outdoor country music festival at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the outskirts of the city. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued the following travel advice.
The recordings took place around 10:30 am (05.30 GMT) and at least people are being murdered who have been murdered.

Hundreds of people were fleeing the scene and another 24 were injured.

The incident seems to have happened at the Route 91 festival and the police are currently swarming over the Las Vegas strip

The festival took place across the street from the hotel in Mandalay Bay, near the airport on the south side of the Strip.
Las Vegas Police tweette: "Confirmation that a suspect is down.This is an active investigation.Again, please do not go to the Strip right now."

At the moment, the Las Vegas police do not believe there is more than one shooter.

Las McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has stopped flights immediately after the incident.

The airport advised passengers that some flights "will be affected" and delays are expected on Twitter.
Flights were diverted to Phoenix, airports in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver and Ontario.

At 08.30 hrs Breaking Flight News is posted on Twitter, some flights depart from Las Vegas Airport – JetBlue flight # B6611 from New York would be the first to arrive.

Limited flight activity resumed at McCarran Airport, but passengers have been asked to check flight statuses at their airline and to expect delays.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: "Our sympathy is for everyone who is struck by the gruesome shootings in Las Vegas.We are in contact with emergency services and are ready to help, but we can.

"There are still details about the incident and we are in contact with the emergency services in Las Vegas. We are ready to help all the British people involved.

"All British people in Las Vegas have to follow the advice of emergency services and consult the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."
After the shooting there was a bomb threat.

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