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Meaning of wedding rings

Due to an unfortunate series of events, we have not had suitable rings for years. Because our rings did not coincide so long, we realized that we did not necessarily have to follow tradition. We decided to do our rings in a meaningful way that is important to us.

Wedding rings are important for couples who want to get married. Many couples invest a lot of time in the selection of rings. The huge cost of wedding rings suggests that they have real meaning for couples.

A wedding ring is a symbol of marriage and represents the commitment and commitment of spouses for life. As such, the wedding ring is certainly the most famous and symbolic piece of jewelry. It is the ring of love.

The exchange of rings is a crucial moment for the wedding ceremony shared by the couple and their guests. The wedding ring represents the promise of love, loyalty and devotion. Traditionally it can be engraved with an inscription indicating the date of the wedding day, and / or names of spouses.

What is the story with your rings?

Fun Loving Couples is a community for Committed Couples who likes to go to:

► Travel
► Eat well
► Training
► Have fun
► and GROE stronger together

Because complacency is the silent killer of relationships? We are focused on improving relationships!

Fun Loving Couples is for those who want to improve their relationship with their partner, important partner or other partner. Fun Loving Couples is to become stronger together!

As a nice loving couple we want to know:
► Favorite travel destinations (states, countries, hotels, etc …)
► Favorite foods (restaurants, dishes, drinks, etc …)
► Favorite exercises (workouts, gyms, trainers, walks, what you do to stay in shape while traveling and eating all the great food, etc …)
► What do you do to have fun?
► What you do to defeat complacency in your marriage or relationship

Look, when somebody of us travels to the next city, city or the whole world, we want the best places to get to know, eat, train and have fun. We do not want to guess. So tell us what and where your favorites are.

Let's go one step further when we come to your recommendations that we have to ask (GM, concierge, server, trainer, etc …). Do not you think it would surprise them if someone from our group came in and asked them by name?

We actually want you to take your smartphone (personal pocket TV studio) and interview these people. GIVE THEM their share of their 15-minute fame and promote the heck of them.

All couples are welcome. Please be respectful for everyone.

We do not tolerate bashing, abuse, pornography or related topics or photos. You are banned from the group.

You are welcome to leave the group at any time, our feelings will not be hurt emoticons

That is how we roll.

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Meaning of wedding rings

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