Sam Poo Kong, Traces of Admiral Zheng Hee in Central Java

By Triunt • September 10th, 2012


History has left its footprints across Central Java, an area rich in culture and tradition descending from a powerful Hindu and Buddhist past, and more recent Islamic influences. Due to its colorful past, Central Java has become the place it is today--a beautiful area full of modern amenities yet still retaining its tranquility and peace.

Sejarah telah meninggalkan jejaknya di Jawa Tengah, sebuah wilayah yang kaya akan kebudayaan dan tradisi yang merupakan warisan agama Hindu dan Budha yang berkuasa pada masa lalu serta pengaruh Islam yang terakhir. Dengan sejarah yang penuh warna, Jawa Tengah kini telah menjadi Provinsi indah yang nyaman dan modern, namun masih mempertahankan ketenangan dan kedamaiannya.

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  • Visit Semarang together with Visit Jawa Tengah 2013 was a very precise moment. It is obligatory visit to this city with a wealth of religious attractions. Religious tourism here is not just a religious tourism which is dominated by one religion, but religious tourism here is more heterogeneous, where you can find objects of religious tourism Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism in this city, and all of them seemed to be a landmark for the city the nickname of the city’s famous atlas.

    It is said this place had become a haven admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He) which is the admiral of a supposedly well known Chinese Muslim.

    One of them is an interesting place to visit Sam Poo Kong Temple, a pagoda area which is very spacious and large, located in Simongan, Semarang, Indonesia, or to the west of downtown Semarang. Many people call this place the Building Stone, because shape is a huge Batu Caves are situated on a hill stone. It is said this place had become a haven admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He) which is the admiral of a supposedly well known Chinese Muslim.

    Like most Chinese pagoda and most other architectures, Sam Poo Kong is filled with shades of red. From the outside, visitors are immediately confronted with complex fences are also filled with red ornaments and a few golden yellow, sometimes seen writing with Chinese characters at some point. At the gate, visitors are greeted by a monument with the inscription characters (letters-ed) China too, a little foot visitors will find an open building with Chinese architecture, in buildings on display some photos of visitors who are using Chinese clothing, in this same place at the same time become an information center for this type of complex.

    If you look along the west side of the complex, you can see a row of building a series of small pagoda to the greatest in the south end, between the buildings of worship of the free tourist area bounded by an artificial moat, in the ditch there are several waterfalls that radiated in the surrounding gardens. To enter the worship area, visitors can buy admission tickets Hio named for Rp. 20,000. On the contrary, on the east side there is a big stage that commonly used for performances of the Feast Day of Lunar New Year. Now the collection of pagoda on the west side before, there is a big size kleteng, in front of the great temple that stands a huge statue, figure of the statue is what the locals called the Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He), the statue is shiny dark and solid, some visitors seem enthusiastic photographed around this statue, not far from the statue there is a building that looks more like a gate.

    Overall Sam Poo Kong pagoda building is a building with large dimensions and sturdy like most Chinese architectural buildings around the world, so that people – people around the pagoda seems smaller. If you want to style as the daughter of Admiral, visitors can rent a typical Chinese dress once the photo shoot for Rp. 70,000.

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