S01 Episode 14: Working With Brands & Redefining Family Travel with Char Taylor

Welcome to WEEK FOURTEEN of the podcast !! This week I talk to the super dreamy Char, who writes the blog Taylor Hearts Travel. A family traveler who adventures with the best of them, and another part-time blogger who manages to create an incredible amount of content, Char also has a brutal sideline in beautiful mini explorer milestone maps (which you may have seen use I'm on Instagram!)


Char writes the blog Taylor Hearts Travel that shows us that traveling does not have to stop if you have a baby. And you do not only have to go to Center Parcs! She is one of the nicest bloggers in the world and is a brilliant example for new bloggers who want to make things a lot better and start working with brands.

We had a good conversation about changing your blog when you started a family, why life does not end when you have children (pfff!) And how you can work with brands, even if you think you have nothing to offer.

If you are wondering how you can fit your family into your blog or if you want to focus on brands, then this is for you!


Char works with me page

Char's post about not taking photos from Nova

Team Travel Hack:

Where you can find Char >>

Her blog:

Twitter: @TaylorHeartsTvl

Instagram: @taylorheartstravel

Facebook: @TaylorHeartsTravel

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