Gallery : Pasar Gedhe, Chinese New Year Night in Solo


Atmosphere full night lanterns in bridge front of Pasar Gedhe Solo, a gate appears lunar new year non-permanent stand complete with lighting.

Gallery : Antique Market Ngarsopuro Triwindu


Triwindu is a pedestrian area which is very neatly tailored with the latest java architecture, no doubt every evening there are communities of young people who gathered here for just socially or hanging out, sometimes javanese ethnic music sound coming from speakers hidden in the wood goals on the west side of roads, places where [...]

Simple Hang Out in Chicken Satay Pak Banjir, Kampung Baru

sate ayam pak banjir

That evening drizzle, when stop at Chicken satay stall Pak Banjir, a street stall on the south side of Jl . Ronggowarsito, Kampung Baru, Solo, appear the words ‘ Sate Ayam pak Banjir’, when I stopped appears several pairs of young people enjoying chicken satay is cool to sit back on top with a [...]

Feel the beauty Lunar New Year in Pasar Gede Solo


Chinese in Solo has existed since the 18th century, although now it has spread and no fragmented, there are villages in Solo became one of the forerunner of the Chinese Village in the Solo city, the name is Sudiroprajan village, its location is in a block where the Pasar Gede is one of the icon, [...]

Greet the Lunar New Year, Solo Held Solo Imlek Festival


Although every year just before Lunar New Year feast, the Chinese Community and government of Solo city has regular agenda named gerebeg Sudiropraja, but in 2014 it seems to be celebration for chinese new year in Solo more exciting, hundreds of lanterns are usually located along the Pasar Gede Complex, this year also reached the [...]

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