“The Wayworn Traveller (Palms of Victory)” Fingerstyle Guitar

Here is a very old gospel number that I discovered on a Carter Family compilation. The song dates at least until 1830. I noticed that I played it over and over again, thinking of my Papaw, who went on, so last night I decided to learn it. This is for him.

I saw a lost traveler, dressed in torn clothes,
And wrestling up the mountain, it seemed that he was sad;
His back was heavily loaded, his strength almost disappeared,
Yet he screamed as he traveled: "Liberation will come!"

Dan Palms of Victory, Crowns of Glory,
Palms of Victory that I will wear.

The summer sun was shining, the sweat was on his forehead,
His clothes were worn and dusty, his step seemed very slow;
But he kept insisting because he was home,
Still screaming as he traveled: "Liberation will come!"

The singers in the gazebo standing next to the road
Withdrew his attention, invited his postponement:
His password was "Forward!" he stopped his ears and ran,
Still screaming as he traveled: "Liberation will come!"

I saw him in the evening; the sun was low;
He had overtaken the mountain and reached the valley below:
He saw the Golden City, "his eternal home"
And cried out loudly: "Hosanna, deliverance will come!"

While you were staring at that city, just over the narrow flood,
A group of holy angels came from the throne of God;
They carried him safely on their pinions, above the impetuous foam,
And joined his triumph: Deliverance had come!

I heard the singing of triumph on that shore,
Saying: "Jesus has redeemed us never to suffer again!"
Then he throws his eyes back on the race he has run,
He shouted loudly: "Hosanna, deliverance has come!"

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