The World’s Youngest Traveller: Travel Mad Mum Takes 10-Week Old Baby Around The World

Parents, Karen and Shaun, spent their maternity leave traveling with Esmé. Family thought she was crazy & # 39; were when they revealed plans. Trio has ventured in places like Ireland, Singapore and Indonesia. Discuss the maximum of your maternity leave. Most people would not even consider packing their home and traveling around the world, let alone doing that with a 10-week-old baby – and that's exactly what Karen Edwards, 31, and partner Shaun Bayes, from London, did after birth. from daughter, Esmé. In an airplane when the toddler was not yet three months old, the family flew into the world to explore Asia, Australia and New Zealand for 10 months during their free time of work. With just one backpack in between, the family put away their belongings, sold their cars and put their house in London for rent – and Shaun left his job as a landscaper. Karen, who is a nurse and grew up in Ireland, said that her family thought she was completely crazy & # 39; when she revealed her plans. She said she had put the liquids and lotions of the family in empty baby food bags to make extra space in the backpack. Since they first left, the family has visited Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and even Hong Kong – with Karen, who is breastfeeding Esme – to whom vaccinations were given before she became England and Left New Zealand. Karen said they were able to finance the trip – which she estimates cost about £ 10,000 – thanks to her maternity allowance at the NHS, and Shaun does landscaping work in New Zealand to earn a little extra money & # 39; 39 ;. Karen also said that they booked the most flights months before they left from the UK, while both parents earned a full wage. Karen added that the cost of the trip was made more digestible by the fact that she uses airmiles and gave a BA escort card, saving £ 2000. After returning home and spending a short time at home in London, Karen says it is the most challenging part so far, because they have to find ways to amuse Esmé, who is now 17 months old, ready to shine again to travel to Thailand, Cambodia and New Zealand next week. In a response to MailOnline, Karen, who traveled Esme for the first time in November 2014, and returned the following year in September: & # 39; I thought about maternity leave and decided that I would like to take her on a trip. "Both Shaun and I were happy to be backpackers before I got pregnant and everyone thought we were crazy when we said we would take Esmé when she arrived. She was very good and because she was small, it was easy enough to keep her in armor when we were on her way. We do not regret, she was allowed to experience new things, scenes and smells as she grew and that's incredible. The only time I felt that Esmé was missing something was that I did not talk much to other children. & # 39; However, the libraries always have free riding bottles if you have to socialize your child a little. & # 39; The strangest part of the trip was actually coming home. Esmé did not live anywhere long because we always walked around in hotels and rooms. & # 39; It is also harder to find her doing things in London – well, compared to traveling anyway. "People say that a child is ruining travel, but it really does not. Of course there were times, such as & # 39; night in the hotel room if you feel like a beer and the baby is asleep, and if you break it open, it wakes up, that makes it more difficult. But it is worth it. & # 39; You can still do everything, including snorkeling and diving, but you just take turns. I can not imagine that I have spent my maternity leave in a different way. & # 39; Karen also admits that traveling with a baby is sometimes difficult. The main problems are the family who are all in one room when Esme has to sleep – and at the same time many people around them while traveling, and while their daughter has a tantrum. Karen also said that it is not good enough not to have enough toys around and not to be able to enjoy dinner – hurrying to & # 39; grumpy time & # 39; to prevent. Karen has also set up a blog about her trips, called Travel Mad Mum, and also publishes photos on her Instagram account. On her blog she wrote: & # 39; As relatively new parents we have been on many travel expeditions with our baby: various road trips, long ferry trips, long and short flights, stops, camping trips and much more planned for the coming months. & # 39; Through these experiences I want to share factual information, personal stories and top tips for traveling with little ones. The general goal is to inspire like-minded travel-loving parents – & # 39; your travel days do not have to be about & # 39 ;. It is about integrating your small person into your way of life. & # 39;

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