Tiger Family – Saint Traveller (2018)

from the album "Tarantoga" – before April / May 2018 – pumpkin plates

Tarantoga – 2nd Tiger Family studio album. After the rather rough debut live album of 2016, the family is back with a few new songs. This time more time was spent in Studio with overdubs and so on … Recorded at Offbeat Ranch in Wörth 14 and Ratrocks Ostblock Studio No.7.

Tiger Family:
David Künstner
Ratrock Tot Sint Jans
Klaus Wohlgemuth
Paul Pfleger
Alex Connaughton
Sebastian Scholz (very new, so inaudible on "Tarantoga")

Guest musicians on "Saint Traveler":
Renate Walter: Flute
Lisa Kaufmann: Violin

Mastering: Bernd Heinrauch

Video: Edler "Fog Hill"
Dieter Edler

written by Ratrock Tot Sint Jans

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