Travel Packing Tips | How to Pack a Carry-On + Packing Checklist Download

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Here are my best tips for packing your trip on the go – I hope these wrapping hacks can help you pack lighter and smarter. This is a new carry-on bag that is slightly larger than my previous video in my old video. I bring it for the first time with me to London and Amsterdam for 10 days! You see when I am back! 😊

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▸ Carry-on suitcase (set) |

▸ Backpack (no brand) – my mother bought it in Japan

▸ KonMari How to fold a playlist |

▸ Video: How I pack for Europe (KonMari)

▸ Video: How I pack for Vancouver

▸ Pouches and cover of the toothbrush Daiso

▸ External battery charger

▸ Face mask – Peach & Lily |

▸ Loquat syrup (Pai Yi Kaw)

▸ Download: Ultimate packaging checklist PDF

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