Traveller Bareknuckle Dirty Fight

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*** Bare boxing wallpaper is a large part of Irish traveler culture and tradition. It has been used for hundreds of years as a method to resolve family conflicts before they overflow. This video shows how a family conflict is resolved, as can be seen in the award-winning documentary & # 39; Knuckle & # 39 ;. This is not a street fight, it is a sport with two referees or fairplay men to ensure that both fighters keep to the rules. Competitions usually end when one or both men say they have had enough or that one has been beaten or eliminated. ***

This form of barekunckle boxing has recently been seen in regular TV, documentaries and films of recent years. Brad Pitt plays the part of a naked knuckle boxing champion in the movie Snatch. The award-winning documentary & # 39; Knuckle & # 39; dealt with the subject. Paddy Doherty, a former bare knuckler, won the British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother and is also featured in the TV series Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Travelers are of Irish origin but have moved to other parts of Europe, mainly England and the rest of the UK. Some have moved as far as America, USA.

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