Traveller family tries to ram rivals off the road in chase | Breaking News US/Australia

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Disturbing video shows a super-fast chase between two warring passenger families – one of whom tries to run the other off the road. According to the assumption that the film was filmed in Dartford, Kent, one of the vehicles in the chase slammed the vehicle to its side. Both cars were filmed as they weighed in and out of traffic on a wet and busy road in the dark. The men in the haunting vehicle can hear screaming obscenities and the people in the car before & # 39; f ****** wasters & # 39; and & # 39; dirty dogs & # 39; call. And at some point, the car chases a turf, cuts for a white transit of, and hits in the side of the other car. The drivers not only endanger themselves, but also other motorists, who came within a few centimeters during the bizarre chase. The clip is supposed to have been filmed in Dartford because the men can be heard calling the "Dartfort Maughtons & # 39; as & # 39; cowards & # 39 ;. A video of the other family involved in the fight was also distributed on Youtube. The clip, which appears to be the next day, shows that the other car involved in the crash was left at the side of the road with the key in the Ignition. It is not clear what caused the feud, but the disturbing images emerged on the social media on Sunday and were widely shared. The images start from the inside of a vehicle that runs along a busy dual carriageway in Dartford. men are heard yelling & # 39; you dirty dogs & # 39; and shout: & # 39; Look at this, the Dartford Maughtons, it is the big boy look, the cowardly dogs. & # 39; The car's chase each other for at least another minute or two, weaving in and out of the traffic, while they scream that the car in front & # 39; f ****** wasters & # 39; is. When they finally overtake the station wagon, the vehicle pulls into the left lane and tries to use the traffic to block the car. men in the car. However, this does not stop them and they install their cars on a grass barrier while one of the men can be heard: & # 39; Do not worry, guys, I have them. & # 39; The car then cuts for a white van and a busy traffic, and drives straight into the side of the estate car trying to drive away on the left lane. The men in the car can be hysterically laughed before the images disappear and the station car drives in the distance. The images then start again with the men in front of the outside that has been abandoned and has a clearly visible dent in the side. The men are laughing and say: "This is your car now boys, you are now hit." a clip has appeared afterwards, which appears to belong to the other family involved in the feud. The second clip shows an Audi that was left at the side of the road – with one side broken into pieces and the key in the ignition mechanism. The men in the video talk about a hit attempt & # 39; and call the other family to the bridge & # 39; the & # 39; bridge & # 39; is supposed to allude to the Queen Elizab.

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