Two Days in Yaowarat – Bangkok’s Chinatown | Thailand Travel Vlog 2018 // #MagaliTravels

Finally share my video's of this year's Bangkok tour, starting with our time in Chinatown!

→ My KIT / All camera + film equipment with details & links

So the whole vlog is centered around the Chinatown region in Bangkok, because there is so much to see and we knew that we could explore the rest of Bangkok in the last part of our holiday. Also in Chinatown we were always on foot, it is not too wide so everything is reasonably accessible. We only took a tuk-tuk at the end to go to our next hostel.
Yaowarat is the main road that runs through Chinatown, it has the most food and tourist stuff, but we have also explored the nearby roads and districts. The whole area is really historic and next time we are in Bangkok, we will definitely stay longer.

→ Baan Yok (cafe with free wifi) 0:55 & 7:27

→ Our Airbnb room (above Baan Yok!) 1:31

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→ What Traimit 4:18 & 14:38
(huge, gilded, ornate Thai Buddhist temple, most other houses of worship in the area are Chinese shrines)

→ Yoo Fishball 5:04
We had shrimp balls (so good!) Some milk based drink and a dessert that we did not order, but were served by a misunderstanding. It was watery condensed milk, ice cream and bitter soybean balls. Interesting. This place is great, but like many others they do not understand English) 5:28

→ Chinatown Street for food items Shopping 5:34 and 8:38
I do not know if this street has a name. It is located near the main road Yaowarat and you can get a variety of Chinese products such as tea, flowers / herbs, dried fish, candy etc. at wholesale prices. It is SO crowded during the day, but wind force at about 7 o'clock.

→ Leng Buai Ia-altar 9:20
The sanctuary is considered the oldest Chinese shrine in Thailand! Subdued but beautiful, quiet on most days. We visited it for the first time on Lunar New Year 2017 (Year of the Fire Rooster)

→ Kuan Yim altar 13:00
Could not find much info to this but it is a beautiful shrine close to the Chinatown gate (the start of Yaowarat Road).

→ 103 – Bed and brew 19:02
Stylish, if somewhat pricey cafe that was super close to our airbnb (about 5 stores away, the same building)

→ Cooper Bangkok Hostel 20:13
Our all-time fave!

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